Zenity & Its Command

Aditi Awasthi
Sep 17, 2021


What is Zenity?

Zenity is free software and a cross-platform program that allows the execution of GTK dialog boxes in command-line and shell scripts. Zenity is a very useful utility which let us create graphical user interfaces for our shell scripts. Several widgets exists, and can be used by invoking the program with the respective options. The widgets are based on the GTK toolkit, and return the result of the user interaction either on the standard output or as a return code.

Lets move on to various command and option it offers

#zenity — calendar

#zenity — entry

#x=$(zenity — entry)

#echo $x

#zenity — info — text=”heya aditi here”

#zenity — info — text=”heya aditi here” — title=”this is title”

#zenity — info — text=$(date)

#zenity — scale

#zenity — password